lotus flower

I've had the biggest crush on the actress / model / all around beauty that is Kiko Mizuhara for a while now, and I couldn't resist dedicating a post to her. I rarely do such a thing, so you can see just how much I love the girl. 

If you haven't checked out her performance in Norwegian Wood, I'm seriously urging you to do so. It's a beautiful- albeit hauntingly dark- film of love, loss, madness and everything that hangs in between. The cinematography is amazing, and although it's quite a sad film; the emotions are so stark and intense that you really feel like you're breathing within the scenes.

On another note, below I've listed some tunes that I've recently fallen in love with; listen if you have a chance :)

Radiohead - Lotus Flower (SBTRKT Remix)

City Of Glass - Tourist

Alex Winston - Locomotive (BeachFossilsRemix)


Dylana Suarez said...

These pictures are beautiful!



Elisa said...

nice pics! :-)! love the blog


kirstyb said...

lovely pics

Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

Love. Her. x hivenn

Ellen Atlanta said...

I think your blog is beautiful so I've given you a blog award :) Merry Christmas <3

Ellen xx

Leigh Travers said...

She is ever so beautiful. Norwegian Wood is one of my favourite books and I received the DVD as a present for Christmas so I'm yet to see it. I might watch it tonight now I've seen your post :)

Leigh xx

Sonia said...

I love those pictures, she looks so cool. Your blog is really incredible x

Restaurant Bruges said...

beautiful post

Quinn B said...

Wow. She is amazingly gorgeous. I've never heard of her but I'll have to check her out! Thanks for sharing.

Monyka said...

your blog is just beautiful! these photos are amazing


LPFashionPhilosophy said...

So pretty! AMazing photos! And we love that Radiohead song too!

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ox from NYC!


fox hunter said...

she's gorgeous, these photos are amazing! x

Laura said...

Lovely style and blog! I like your posts, very inspiring!:)
Would you like to keep in touch and follow each other?

AVY said...

Norwegian Wood was so pretty. Loved it,



brogan said...

these photos are so beautiful


Ine said...

So great pictures
I love the first and the second one!!

Georgi said...

Great post! Your blog name is awesome by the way :)


check out my newest outfit post?

KERRIN said...

LOVE your blog, so glad i found it! let's follow each other! xx

Sophie-Pearl said...

greats pics x and great blog name xx i am following you now xx follow back?