I don't know if it's just Belfast, but the weather here is heartbreakingly dull. I feel like I've been pining for summer to skip around the corner all year, and after a fleeting, teasing glimpse of the sun, we are left with the greyest stormiest clouds.

Rain, rain, and more rain.

I suppose, it could always be worse.

I have to sincerely apologise, my blogging has been on serious standby for the past year. I've been trying to sort out some things in my life (crazy, chaotic and not even worth getting into); and if by any chance, I have some lingering readers, thank you all so much. To those who gave up on me along the way, I'm sorry, and really, I don't blame your impatience.

Anyway, as a means of making up for my negligence, over the next two weeks or so, I'll be sending out some gifts to some lucky followers.

Stay tuned, I'll be previewing the first gifts in the next blog post.

Love you all :)

Sometimes I get a little sad, and I feel like being alone. Then I talk to my cat about it, and he reminds me I’m James Franco. Then we dance.
James Franco   (Boy, I love you)

P.S. Speaking of tunes, check out these delicious, summery beats from KO KO:

Float - KO KO.mp3

So Strange - KO KO.mp3

(Mp3s courtesy of OhMyRock.Net)


lotus flower

I've had the biggest crush on the actress / model / all around beauty that is Kiko Mizuhara for a while now, and I couldn't resist dedicating a post to her. I rarely do such a thing, so you can see just how much I love the girl. 

If you haven't checked out her performance in Norwegian Wood, I'm seriously urging you to do so. It's a beautiful- albeit hauntingly dark- film of love, loss, madness and everything that hangs in between. The cinematography is amazing, and although it's quite a sad film; the emotions are so stark and intense that you really feel like you're breathing within the scenes.

On another note, below I've listed some tunes that I've recently fallen in love with; listen if you have a chance :)

Radiohead - Lotus Flower (SBTRKT Remix)

City Of Glass - Tourist

Alex Winston - Locomotive (BeachFossilsRemix)


Teen Daze

It's been such a long time since my last post, I'm terrible, I know ... I guess i tend to lose track of this blog, life's a manic whirlwind as of late, and I find myself stumbling to catch up.

Autumn is such a beautiful thing. I do love the changing seasons. Dusty gold and amber leaves, harvest fruits and hot vegetable soups :) 
It make cold, wet and windy days almost bearable. 

I've been listening to a lot of Toro Y Moi lately. I do love Chaz!

Hope you're all well!! x x

Toro Y Moi -- Saturday Love by Kamalsan


there's no one here to see

Yesyesyes ... I'm still around. I need to sort this blog out. Needs some serious renovation.


holy dances

Stevie Nicks, Pamela Love, Georgia May Jagger, Bones, Shaggy fur and mused hair.

Oh ... lust. (Especially the skeleton hand bracelet.)

I'm really loving wrapping up in beautiful soft fabrics in layers upon layers, not brushing my hair for ridiculous amounts of days, and Illamasqua lipstick. Oui Ouii.

Also, anyone who commented on my hair, one, thank you, and two, I have to give thanks to Osis' Dust It. I'm not much of a product user, but my hair tends to be 'too soft' for my liking after washing, and a sprinkling of this pixie dust gives me just the mattified style I love.

Also, I'd like to know if anyone would like me to change the content of the blog? I mean, do you recommend that I post more personal content and photos or do you prefer it stay this way? Honestly, I'd love your opinions, critical or encouraging :) x


winter solstice

Dusty earth beneath your feet,
Cold and fresh, as fabric sweeps
Around your waist, your thighs, your skin
Tingling as Moon Dance begins ...

Just finished watching The Lost Boys again. I love that movie, it's so visually inspiring, and Jami Gertz is so freaking beautiful. A real Goddess in her silken kimonos and sheer draping skirts, the beading and detail, the prints!! Oh my ... And her hair. Can I just be you Jami? Or have your closet? I would love to own any pieces from the casts' styling.

I realize there has been a serious lag between my posts - life's just been so busy busy busy. What with Halloween, and costumes and autumnal sales. Did anyone carve pumpkins? I just love the smell of a tea-light smoldering against a pumpkin lantern roof. Mmm...

Thanks for the advice on the piercing - I haven't got it done yet, still embracing my fake for now - But I will definitely get it done ... Sometime.

Please listen:

Angus & Julia Stone - Big Jet Plane. I'm so in love with this band right now - I just can't get enough.


witching hour

I have 2 hours and 26 minutes from this moment to make up my mind. I want my nose pierced. Today. The studio closes at seven. But thanks to my stupid curiosity, and some pretty daunting youtube videos, I've kind of lost my nerve. I really need to just stop thinking and go for it.
If not today, then next saturday.

Any thoughts?

p.s. the Mineral ring is one of many by billybride.net. Check it out, the collection is too magical for words.