at night I dream of Burberry

Please excuse the poor quality of my camera phone lol. In the changing room of Oasis, wearing their top and skirt - I was planning an interview outfit, although I'm not sure if it's formal enough ...

love S x x

P.S. I've joined Lookbook.nu!!


Bink said...

loveee those shoes <3

your outfit is cute,
did you end up buyingg it?


Bink said...

idkk how to reply to commentss love haha.. neww!

anywayss, bink is a nickname my older sister gave me years ago and now everyone seems to call me that .

friday is pay day for me too, im ready for springg i need some moreee shoesss and skirts galore!


Anonymous said...


Pierrette said...

the color combination is cute.
idk what interview your going for, but if you wore dress pants--really cute ones obvs--with gorgeous heals it would look good.