I just realised, I've got more than 20 followers; this definitely calls for a celebration. I love you all, following or not, thank you very much for visiting my blog, it means more to me than you know.

Hopefully though, I'll be getting a bit of work soon, writing music and gig reviews for a local magazine. Exciting stuff.

What about you guys, any news to tell? I'd love to here from you! :)

So, in celebratory manner, i'll tell you five random facts about me (lucky you!)

1. I'm half chinese, half british.

2. My favourite music is folk bands/artists such as Bon Iver, J.Tillman, Volcano Choir and Yeasayer.

3. I love movies, seriously, I own way too many. Especially periodic or French types. If you have any recommendations, please do let me know. (Disney however, and other kids movies, never fail to amuse me - they are my feel good charms ... Aladdin, The Little Mermaid and Finding Nemo in particular).

4. I lived in Newcastle upon Tyne for two years, and the nightlife, I have to say, I severely miss. Belfast has nada in comparison.

5. I have a younger sister, Rachele who's 14 and a half-sister Sofia, 4. Also, it's still only theoretical, but Rachele and I are planning on starting a blog together; I'll obviously keep up thisisbritishyouth- this is my baby after all- but the other will be a division of Rachele's cool, urban and streetwise style, and my more feminine closet. There will be lots of video blogs for show and plenty of outfit posts. You'll love Rachele - she's gorgeous, and pretty damn amazing.

Very random facts, I know. Any more questions? I'll be more than happy to answer.

x x


Anonymous said...

nice,nice!!!I love pic:)

Aleisha-Rose said...

Your blog is great! I love your pic collection!!! Good inspirations!!



オテモヤン said...


Eileen said...

These photos are absolutely gorgeous! And you have awesome taste in music :)
-Eileen (Your newest follower :) )

Yvonne Renee said...

aww thank you for you comment!! made my day :)

o love those shoes in the last picture esp paired with those socks!

is that you in the Polaroids a few post down??

jessie said...

i am so linking to your blog. it's hott.

leyla said...

effing love this pictures
so great! love those shoes in your last post! so wicked!

Bink said...

lovee these pics:)
the second pic is so beautiful!
I can't wait till spring so i can take pictures OUTside ha.

very nice blog
newest follower love


Demon du tasmanie said...



that's so fresh!

oh one movie i love its called LOL(laughing Out Loud) (that's the entire name) and its french
you've probably heard about it or just saw it

well well wellys babeeee
i love your blog
bye <3


Rachele said...

gotta get that blog up and going. we need some motivation!

Georgia Larsen said...

WOW these pics are amazing, loving the shoes with socks. xxx

Lolly Orbell said...
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Lolly Orbell said...

Me too those shoes are beautiful xx Check out my new blog if you have the time would be really grateful it's just a little visual diary i'll hopefully soon fill with lots and lots of pretty inspirations xx