long haired child

[Images: Various tumblrs, sorry, can't remember which; weheartit.com; last three photos courtesy of yours truly :)]

Would you look at that ... I eventually put up the new header, which I did myself. Not exactly the finest craftmanship in the world, but I think I like it. What do you think, yay or naaaay? Seriously, your input will manufacture the final design :) I willingly put my faith in your hands.

Also, I was so tempted to buy the horoscope wall hanging (photographed above) when meandering The Stables market in London. I regret not getting it now ...


Bealerr said...

I love the heading, is it your own drawing or a copy?


Laura said...

oh yeah, I like

Rachel Lily said...

The heading is stunning, is the image your own? I love it either way, it seems *just right*, in a Goldilocks way, I think!

Reina said...

your drawing skills are fantastic. you drew that? its lovely.

i guess i like it. its not my favorite, but then again, neither is my own header (actaully i like the photograph i took, but not the font of the words, i wish i could design my own!).
I do like that its the girl from the back and she's putting on the coat.
i would enlarge it too, but hey, the header is pretty darn nice as it is

Reina said...

oh, p.s. i've left a splattering of comments on older posts :D

Paddy Razzi said...

Beautiful pictures, you have an eclectic taste!!

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jenh said...

love your blog so much :) keep these posts coming!


Jazzabelle said...

ohh, your new header is lovely! i really do like your whole blog layout, actually; the simplicity, neatness and colours.

love, jazzabelle. x


awesome blog and header! im loving the combination of photos on here!
come follow me xoxo