hey mama wolf

So sorry about the delay in posts ... I've been galavanting around London, collecting clothes and jewelry from vintage shops and stalls, and such. It was extremely therapeutic :)
I'll photograph some of my finds for you guys to see. I have to say that Camden is one of my all time places to shop in London - maybe because I've never made it to Brick Lane on a Sunday, which is meant to be pretty spectacular for rare and beautiful treasures, black market or not haha. Hope you're all having a lovely warm summer holiday. I'm back to work on wednesday already. Us poor shop girls never get a holiday :(


Bealerr said...

oooh you HAVE to see brick lane.
I went there last sunday and going again next week with my sister, that's how much i love it.
The market's are amazing and Beyond retro is always brilliant.
love the photos, especially number 4.


VanilahFashion said...

London sounds so amazing!, I really cant wait to go.

Lovely post, always worth the wait :)
Vanilah xx

*miss little telva* said...

ohh i love your blog! nice piCs!;9

Manus Lemone said...

dope pictures! Cheers!


Holly In Wonderland said...

beauitful blog and pictures :)