i'm not near, i'm here

Topshop drape dress, French Connection blazer

I've been neglecting lately, I'm sorry :( but I do have a valid excuse!! - I'm in hospital -don't even get me started on the why, all I know is that I was feeling poorly, went to pick up some antibiotics, and BAM! I'm admitted for low red blood cell count and being pricked and prodded like a lab rat. And they still have no idea what's wrong with me. Luckily enough, they let me home for Easter weekend-only to return on tuesday morning, so I'm enjoying this short burst of freedom (and the internet!!!!) while I have it, and engulfing all the beautiful images and words you bloggers are posting.

Ciao for now my loves, hope you have a great, chocolate filled easter :)


Fabi said...

you look stunning in this pics sweetie!

¶ Michelle said...

I really hope you get better. I know how it feels to be admitted to hospital, well getting woken up there aint really pretty either. But just get plenty of rest. Soldier on dear (:


Mary Lee said...

these photos are absolutely gorgeous!

Yvonne Renee said...

you're really really pretty.

R. Gratz said...

The last shot of the chanel-hobo-chic girl is just sexy. Yum.