Does anyone know how I can purchase a pair of Jessica Simpson shoes and have them shipped to the UK? Or perhaps a website that actually ships internationally??

Personally ... I think it's a complete joke that such a notable brand won't ship overseas.



jessica danielle. said...

I actually don't think her brand is eligible to be shipped internationally. I live in Canada and I can't even buy them online! Though, try googling a Canadians hoe store such as Town Shoes, they might ship to the UK. Hope I helped!


Fabi said...

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heroine temptation said...

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Demon du tasmanie said...

i don't know how...
maybe you can try to find them on some website that people sell them.


how are youu??

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hope everything's O-K

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wham bam fuck you man said...

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wham bam fuck you man said...

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