This is what i hope to buy on my next trip to Topshop. To be honest, i'm not such a frequent shopper there anymore; I guess i was disillusioned by all the hype when the new store opened in Victoria Square. (It's massive, but I suppose it doesn't compare to Oxford Street.) It seems most of the people in that store are a little too arrogant for my liking. I catch many scornful glances my way if I'm wearing quirky or 'non-RA-ish' clothing. Not that I would ever dress like a sheep anyway. Okay ... rant over, apologies to anyone who shops in V.S. Topshop.

P.S. Has anyone ever seen Love and Other Disasters? I just watched it today, although no literary classic, it's a sweet and stylish movie, and makes me mourn the death of our beloved Brittany Murphy. R.I.P. x x x


Erica said...

love the topshop items you selected!


(always)alanna said...

stunning- everything looks beautiful. and i might have to check that movie out- in memory of brittany.. too sad.
and gorgeouss blogg! will definitely be stopping by to visit again SOON!

Anonymous said...

Great pics!! love it ;)