glass slippers

Dree Hemingway via Wildfox. I think she suits her her lighter, it highlights her face better than the honey hue that is her natural colour.


Fabi said...

me encanta la primera foto! bueno y todas en realidas! son repciosas!

Strike a pose said...

thank you so much!!!
I AM so glad you like my blog

thanks for following ;)
i follow you too!


Strike a pose said...

aw! btw, i love dree!!

Dirty Hair Halo said...

gorgeous pics. I love #1 with the skirt flying about.


Plastic hearts, genuine souls. said...

these pics make me think of allsaints!
your blog is defintely my favourite x

R. Gratz said...

A really legit editorial! Is it weird that some of the looks reminded me a lot of Ke$ha? Totally garbage chic.