Dust and crushed ebony ...

Summer 2010 key pieces from Australian brand Aje. If my closet ever contains the below items, my life will be pretty much complete, and I can die happy.

Well... you get my point.

Oh my ... it's just what I've been searching for without knowing it. Obviously, I don't mean the pattern, even that's a little too feminine for me, as beautiful as it is. But WHITE INK, who would have guessed. I love the way that it looks almost alien - elevated from the skin as it is, it's similar to a strategic sort of scarring.


Zanah said...

Beautiful pics :) Mon Mode Blog

Dirty Hair Halo said...

Wow, I love that white ink tattoo, it's so subtle.


Anonymous said...

cute!!!I love your blog!!

Strike a pose said...


i fell in love with that collection
you're so right and i DO get your point!

i want all that stuff!!!!!!!!!!!

have a nice weekend :)


Plastic hearts, genuine souls. said...

I had a uni interview today and they asked me what my fave blogs were...i mentioned you haha x