milk and honey

A session of boredom plus photobooth, equals the random images posted above. My first personal post in a while.
On another note, I dyed my hair ... it's dark brown, but in light, it may as well be black; I feel its a little harsh for my skin-tone, but hopefully, fingers crossed, it'll wash out and into a more natural and suitable colour soon.
I'm nicely stuffed from a sushi lunch. It was payday today, so I'm off out to celebrate :)

Completely besotted by the sweet and sultry Mountain Man:
Their album Made the Harbor is just so beautiful.


isidora!!! said...

i like your fotos ! son muy buenas!


Fashion Cappuccino said...

You have really thick beautiful hair!! xoxoxoxooo

Hannah said...

What gorgeous big hair you have. I love it.
And that is a beautiful song.

the moonchild said...

love your hair, the song is awesome. your blog header is amazing.

definitely following! (:

come by sometime?

ZoƩ Hermsen said...

nice pics! i like your blog!

X lightningfactory.blogspot.com
check out mine if you want!

Anonymous said...

No Way! this band is from my school, good to know they are getting heard of