whimsical whispers

I was meant to be saving for Hong Kong in september.

Until i stumbled upon summer sales, and alas, my willpower dwindled.

I spent over £300 and I only just got paid.

On another note, have any of you ever volunteered abroad? I'm considering it, even though I haven't much funding for myself, never mind a £2000 volunteer trip. But I think it would be a really enlightening, eye opening experience. I need to travel more, and when I do, I want to be completely immersed in the culture of that country. I'd love to know your views on the topic.

p.s. I have a new header, I'm going to upload it tonight as soon as I get my scanner working...
p.s.s. Don't laugh at my drawing skills (or lack thereof) when I do upload the header. Okay, you can laugh, but not maliciously :)


Enchanted Gardens said...

i say go for it. it's one of a kind experience + you're helping someone in need. i'm planning to do the same as soon as i'm done with college. but it costs, that's for sure.

Teresa said...

pretty pictures..:D

xx Teresa

Alysha said...

really amazing pictures
i love your blog-am now a follower


Poppy Frances Charlotte said...

if you can stand children work as an aupair, accomodation paid for, food paid for, and if you get a good deal you will have enough time off and be emersed into the lifestyle properly. I did this in Italy 45 mins from Venice, loved it.x

Anonymous said...

I love your pictures :).

Reina said...

Holy Mother!!!!!!
you're going to Hong Kong in September?????????
i went to CHina a few weeks ago and got to spend a day in HOng Kong. You seriously should check out my post on it. the city is beyond GORGEOUS. we stayed at the Harbour Grand Kowloon, its a little pricy, but we were only there two nights and it was definatly WORTH IT. i reccomend you go to the ....actauly, just read my post on Hong Kong, it expalins my everything there. anyways, i am planning on doing a post on the clothes i got in Hong Kong, i would definatly say "be prepared for some shopping!!!!" i got a sweeet dress for freaking $13 U.S dollars! love love lvoe.
im likin the third picture.

so DEFINATLY check out my post on Hong Kong. the whole trip was SPLENDEROUS