luminous locks

Forget Goldilocks, now is the time for painting your beautiful strands with icy pastel hues, a la My Little Pony.
Have any of you guys tried this style yet? Would you? I'm more than tempted, I think it's quite beautiful, but in my honest opinion, I think it looks better on fair skinned blondes. With my olive skin and dark hair ... mmm, not too sure. I'd love to do a light blue/violet.

Soooooo cute. Makes me wish I was a kid again. Ah the innocence.
Right, I'm off to dig through my old junk box and see if I can rummage up any of my old ponies.
I had quite the collection!
Did you guys ever collect any? I was a big fan ha.

x x


Queni said...

nIcE bLoG!!

Anonymous said...

great post! ^^

miss anonymous. said...

I never was lucky enough to own a my little pony. :(

I do love the idea of strange pops of colour streaked in hair! :)

xx miss anonymous.

Anonymous said...

i am completely in love with and obsessed with this new trend as well! i know what you mean, im also tan and have dark hair, so i worry about how such a light blue would look...but im very very tempted! it seems so mermaid-y, i just love the thought (:


AHH, pastel hues. got to love them, obsessed with this trend.

I want silvery-blue in my hair please.
harking back to my pre-teen days of pink-dyed-tips. COOL.


Julia & Chiara said...

Love your Blog :)

Cris said...

I like this photos!
i follow you

umbrella-in-the-sun said...

I have seen this hair trend floating about soo much

I would love to try it, If my hair was longer

great blog <3


Amanda-TrainwreckMagazine said...

I love her hair in the third photo... I remember trying to do this with kool aid when I was younger,didn't work so well.


I just discovered your blog and I really love it.

xx fesi-fashion

in the Upper East Side said...

i love your blog! i follow u! :)

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IsauraQuevedo said...

Love colouring the ends of your hair!
I used to love thos poneys!
xoxo, cute blog

Anonymous said...

i was actually debating whether to dye my hair pink or blue during the summer, but now i think pastel purple could be lovely too... hmm decisions decisions...

Ellen at The Raven and the Cellar Door

Rachel Lily said...

I've been looking for some photos like this for ages to take to my hairdresser, most photos I've found are of blondes too,
I'm dark haired but pale skinned, I don't mind if it suits me or not to have a turquoise stripe among my waves, it'll brighten my day! Go for it and add the light blue! Rx

Lex said...

I love the darker green in the hair it looks great with the brown. I wish i was bold enough to add some real color to my hair

brogan said...

love the pictures, i have the same colour hair and you are right im not sure it would look the same! such a cool idea tho
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Brick and Bones

Anonymous said...

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