You look good by siren light....

Daisy Lowe's 21st birthday party.
I love the first outfit she's wearing on the staircase. She looks ethereal.
Also, is it possible for Alexa Chung to be anything but beautiful??

I'm completely obsessed with this song by Fol Chen right now, it's called In Ruins.

Listen :)


Jessica Weingarten said...

I love these photos!


Star-Light said...

Great Pics!

Cuteluc said...

I love Daisy's dress! Why does she always look so amazing?

Just found your blog- I really like it :)

Have a look at my blog if you have time <3

¶ Michelle said...

I love the photos!! sweeetttt

Cuca. said...

whooaa loving alexa....

Lucia said...

nice blogg :)
i follow u !

Jesa said...

I love the first look too! Great picks and love your blog!!

Cheers, Jesa

Anonymous said...

Is it possible for Alexa to be anything but beautiful? Apparently not. She's pretty much perfect. ♥

Lovely blog!