Oooooh ... these cut offs are going into my d.i.y. w.d.s.d box. (last abbreviation stands for - will do some day, ha ha.)

All photos via weheartit.com.

Someone needs to take my damn card away from me. Or the internet, or ... something!!!

I keep shopping. It's not even funny anymore. I need therapy - and not the retail kind.

HELP ! !

On other matters; how amazing is the stamp ring, I would love one, obviously with a different quote. Something like; 'runs with wolves', 'fuck' (yes thats it- this would amuse me greatly) or 'stop spending all your money'. The last one's a reminder. I'll stamp it on my face, body, surroundings, clothes, anything whenever I feel that tingly, insatiable urge to burn a hole in my wallet. Yes. It's decided. I'll have the last one please. (And the yummy boy would be a nice gift on the side.)


Anonymous said...

I love your blog:)!!!and nice pic!!

raita 2 said...

ooh wow i love your blog, i just found it but you can be sure i'll visit again later!! :)


Style of a Fashionista said...

Stamp ring is fierce.

Just found your blog so cool xoxo

Zanah said...

I know what you mean about the shopping ! I am surprised I didn't buy any clothes or shoes for an entire week !! Thx for your visit as always :) Mon Mode Blog

LolitaLoves said...

I love the way your text and pictures are like a stream of consciousness. Really nice blog