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Lou will bewitch you

If you haven't already, you must, and I cannot emphasize this enough - must watch the above video featuring Vanessa Bruno's ss10 collection and the idyllic and beautiful Lou Doillon.
The imagery, the background, the lighting and choreography ... the music and of course, the clothes ... oh the clothes (I die...) So unbelievably magical.

To live like this, in an enchanted little maison, in vintage looking, delicate fabrics and beatific music would be so dreamy, don't you think?

x x

(p.s. the first song played, is the upbeat 'So post 'em all - YACHT'. I love this band)


Mai said...

Great Lou and great collection!

Brigitte said...

i love yacht

Zanah said...

Great video luv ! :) Mon Mode Blog

Demon du tasmanie said...

aw! that's a cool video!!!

how are you??

hope you have a nice week